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Customer from INDIA


My Complaint Number 4308932363 dated 29.08.2020

Dear Sir

I lodged my complaint of Display of my Samsung Note 10+ bought be me in December 2020. Display was not working since morning of 29th August 2020.

Incident of 29th August 2020 at Samsung Service Centre

• I approached your Service Centre located at MP Nagar M/s Technocrat. First of all this is located at a pathetic location with dirt, dust every place in the building.
• Any how, moment I gave my mobile to your Service Centre person and told them about display, he asked his colleague the cost of the display.
• The other person told him Rs 17200/-. Your service centre guy told me that it will cost me Rs 17200/-.
• I asked them that it is under warranty.
• He said that it is physically damaged.
• I requested him to show me any sign of physical damage on mobile.
• Than he changed his stand that it may be due to pressure.
• I again requested that please check and there is no physical damage. Please cover under warranty.
• He refused and said that we are a 3rd Party service provider. We will repair once you agree for the cost. For warranty you have to fight with the company.
• I requested to lodge my complaint.
They did it and my complaint number is 4308932363.
Report of Call Centre 29.08.2020 - 180040 7267864
• I called up the call centre.Ms. Parul (Ref no. 3761278272) attended. I was told to approach Service Centre again for raising a Q N A. As I already was away from Service Centre, I request contact Number.
• I was given contact number 8486095810 Mr. Vijay Rao. I tried this number and found that the number is coming as INVALID.

Report of 31.08.2020 - Toll Free Call Centre. Mr. Ankur
I again contacted call centre on 31.08.2020. I was provided a land line number 0755 4272683 Mr. Dinesh Kumar
Report of Land Line - 31.08.2020
I contacted at the given number. Some lady picked up and she told me that this is Service Centre owner number (a big man) and can not be contacted.
On my request she provided me a mobile number 7000169793 of Mr. Ravi
Report of Mobile 7000169793 - 31.08.2020 12.17 PM
I contacted Mr. Ravi. Explained the whole case, Requested to raise Q N A. He unwillingly accepted and said that QNA will be raised in 1 hour.
Report of 04.09.2020 - Mr. Ravi Kumar - 7000169793
I again contacted today at 2.28 PM Mr. Ravi. He checked up and confirmed that QNA has been accepted and we will get answer by 5 PM.
Report of 04.09.2020 - 2.30 PM Ms. Shweta - Call Centre Toll free
I smelled some wrong and I contacted your toll free number at 2.30 PM. Ms. Shweta was there.
She after lot of questions told me that there is no QNA. She told that your job sheet has been cancelled, You please contact to Service Centre.

This is the whole story till now. A customer after spending Rs 75000/- on a mobile phone is just being referred here and there. Neither Service Centre people are interested in attending the warranty claims, nor your Toll free call centre rather they are protecting service centre.
I am not worried about the cost but really worried that this is what you claim as service.
All this is just a false statement.
Any how, I look forward for a right approach and resolution of this issue.
Thanks & regards

D K Mittal
Saibaba Safety Systems

Further Update
Call made to Call Centre on 04.09.2020 at 3.27 PM
Again no positive response and was advised to contact Service Centre. On my insistence, I was told that some one will contact you.
Call Received from Call Centre on 04.09.2020 at 4,28 PM
The floor supervisor of call centre contacted me and after understanding my case took Mr. Ravi of Service Centre on conference line.
Mr. Ravi told me that I should wait till 5.30 PM and he is going to receive reply from Samsung on QNA raised by him in this connection. He promised that he will revert positively by 5.30 PM.
However nothing happened. No revert no call back.
Again wrote to CEO of Samsung against their mail (from Ms Neha) on 05.09.2020 and my reply dated 07.09.2020
I was informed that one of the number 9755095328 is not getting connected and therefore they are not able to contact me.
In my mail / communication / complaint; I have provided them my numbers 9630148550 and 9171838968. Why did they try to contact me on a different number which is not in use.
I requested them to contact me on my numbers as given above.
Call received from Ms Neha on 07.09.2020 at 15.11 Hrs from Samsung
She again tried to understand the whole case. Told me that she is taking Service Centre person on conference line. However after waiting some time, line got disconnected and thereafter no call.

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