@ceoLeeKunHee – Lee KunHee – Dear Hyun-Suk Kim, It has been my great pleasure to use many of the products

Keith Trussell sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Dear Hyun-Suk Kim,

It has been my great pleasure to use many of the products that your company sells up until recently. I do not have much money, so for me to invest in a purchase like I am about to explain is a big decision because it could mean that we don’t pay another bill. I purchased a washer and dryer from Best Buy as a package deal. However, I could not afford an extended warranty even though this was a significant purchase for my family and me. I felt reliable that if something happened, it would be well after the warranty was up. Boy was I wrong and just after the warranty ran out my washing machine stopped ringing out the water for all clothes and it would just fill up and sit. No washing was ever done during the wash cycle, and no rinsing was done in the rinse cycle. The clothes would sit in the washer full of water until someone took the clothes out and washed them in a different machine. I contacted customer support and was told that someone would call me back to schedule an appointment, and that never happened. After waiting for a week and nothing, I decided to buy a GE model and brought it home. Once I got back, I started installing the washer and got a phone call from a service tech saying he would be on his way. My response to him was never minded. I have a new washer going in right now, so the tech did not respond. Well, that washer has been sitting in my mudroom for the past few months. I am still making payments on the equipment even though I can’t use it and now can’t afford to fix it because I am paying on two washers and a dryer. I find it very disappointing that a worldwide company would allow this to happen. When the tech was on the phone, I was advised that I would have to pay for his travel time if the problem was not covered under warranty plus the cost of whatever parts were needed. If I could afford it, I would box the washer back up and send it to your company, but I am not sure that I could part with it since I am still paying on the machines. Now I am dealing with a refrigerator that went out and a stand-up freezer that has gone out within two days of each other and caused me to lose tons of food in this very trying time of COVID19.

After having these issues with your washer, I cannot, in good faith, recommend your products to anyone that may be in the market for such items.

I guess this is where I am supposed to say thank you, but I can’t even do that so in closing,
Keith Trussell

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