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Dear Mr.Hong,
Hope you must have gone through the chain of mails that I had with you and other members in the office. After waiting for about a week you have come out with a disgusting reply. Mr. Nelson from VOC department called me saying that you can change the mother board, which costs about Rs. 13500, but no warranty would be provided. This shows the business model you are following. In the first place you must have put some some sub standard materials and sold the product as a flagship model. You must be knowing that when I purchased the unit, it was the top most model of Samsung. But the unit went out of order just after the warranty period. Now you are ready to change the mother board, with out any warranty. This shows that you will put some used mother board and sell that piece to me on a profit.If the mother board will go out of order just on the next day you will have no responsibility and you have already earned Rs.13500 coolly. More over samsung being a multinational company, you are saying that since the unit was purchased from other country, you cannot repair. So, I think when you sell any of your mobile in future you should mention the following do's and dont's.

1. When one purchase a Samsung mobile one should also purchase a stand by mobile, because it can go out of order any time.
2. When one purchase a mobile from other country, he should be assured that when he will take the mobile to his home country, he cannot repair it there.
3. If he agrees to both the above point, he should then only purchase a Samsung mobile.

I find the customer relation of LG is better than Samsung. I purchased a LG LED TV in Dubai and brought to India. Just after its guarantee period, there was some problem. LG changed the LED panel free of cost.
If you will change the mother board and other damaged parts free of cost then you can go ahead. Else why should I spend the money to purchase another damaged spare. It is better I should purchase a cheap mobile for Rs.15000 and get a guarantee of one year. At least I will not be fooled by the claim of Samsung.
Mr.Hong I want a reply from you personally.


Dr.Srikant Kumar Mahapatra
Independent Oil Field Consultant
and Visiting Professor
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