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Dr. Ahmer Alam sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Dear Mr. Hyun Suk Kim,

I write to you from Hyderabad, India

I bring to your attention the sorry state of affairs Samsung Home Appliance Customer Care Services are.

Miserable Beyond Belief.

It has been over a months since I lodged a complain for my dishwasher repairs.

So far I have seen nothing but dillydallying, passing the buck, and all such phrases in action instead.
With you at the helm, Samsung I believed will stay the course to excellence. Raising the bar so to speak.
Sadly this sentiment isn't shared down the grapevine.

On failure to address my complain on several attempts, I escalated the complain to the SAMSUNG CEO WEBSITE.

After blaming me for your subordinates’ callous attitude I got daily calls, daily updates and daily reassurances - No work done till date.

I am making a final attempt and in doing so call upon what little or giant influence you may have
On Samsung to solve my problem.
With the frustration I have suffered I expect more than hollow apologies.

For reference my complain number is 4304276451 for a dishwasher in Hyderabad, Telangana India area code 500004

Thanking you


Dr. Ahmer ALAM MD

PS: “email our ceo” Route is as efficient as a 3 legged horse at the Derby. So was Mr. HC Hong.

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