@ceoLeeKunHee – Lee KunHee – Dear Mr. Hyunsuk Kim, In good faith we purchased a Samsung washer and matching dryer

Lindsay Marca sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Dear Mr. Hyunsuk Kim,

In good faith we purchased a Samsung washer and matching dryer from Lowes in Escondido, California approximately three years ago.

After about one and a half years our clothes started having a mildew smell. I have run the self clean cycles, cleaned the door seals, and changed detergents, etc., etc. I have also been drying the inside of the washer. I have tried everything suggested so that our clothes, etc. come out smelling nice and clean. We live in Southern California so we do not have humidity that could cause a mildew smell.

My clothes are dried completely so there should not be a musty, mildew smell. The dryer has already been repaired twice once for a screeching sound due to a broken part.

As time continues so does the smell of mildew on our clothes, sheets, towels, etc. and the smell is growing worse. My husband is going to work with clothes that smell of mildew! My children and I are also wearing clothes smelling of mildew. Our bed sheets stink of mildew. Visualize taking a nice clean shower and then drying off with a musty, smelly towel that is absolutely disgusting.

I am extremely concerned for my children and ourselves that there could be black mold growing inside this washer. As I said, in good faith we bought this set never believing it would turn into a disgusting nightmare! Washing clothes cannot continue with this set. We have owned many Samsung appliances in the past and have never had any issues with any of them until this washer and dryer set. I am requesting a full refund or product replacement with a set that leaves our clothes smelling fresh and clean which is what we expected to receive at time of purchase. This has been time consuming to deal with and the smell continues to grow and I want this set out of my house.

Apparently you are aware of smells to some degree since your trouble shooting area has a section on odors. However, I don’t think you are aware of how deep and strong these odors are that remain on all the belongings! I have tried very hard to fix your odor problem but have been unable to correct it. Again, I am requesting a full refund or replacement.

Lindsay Marca

Model #WF42H5200AW/A2
Serial #000F5NAH804303N

Model #DV42H5200GW/A3
Serial #0ABJ5BCH901608P

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