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John Hendry sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Dear Mr. Kim:

I wanted to advice you of the issues and poor costumer service we have received regarding our broken Samsung refrigerator. I am sure you have much more important issues to deal with at this time however, I thought it important to bring this to your attention. We purchased the new product on 7/31/20 after researching options and thought we made the right choice. On 11/12/20 we awoke to a warm refrigerator and freezer, spoiled food, so, called for service. After explaining the issue, we were told the soonest they could have a technician out was 11/19/20 (7-days without a refrigerator).

The tech came out and informed us that the compressor (the engine of the refrigerator) was bad and needed to be replaced. They indicated that this was a well-known issue since Samsung switched compressor models recently. Now the repair will take an additional 7-10 days for parts to arrive and then a schedule for repair can be set. This will be at least 2-1/2-weeks without a refrigerator to use. Un-acceptable.

We called costumer service to see what else can be done. We asked for a replacement refrigerator and were told it was not possible since this was only the first repair (apparently you need to be without a refrigerator at least 2-times to get it replaced). When we asked what we were supposed do about meals (Thanksgiving coming up next week), the response was basically tough luck. We already are forced to get take-out every night or go to the store daily in order to survive. We had to throw out all our food supplies and now are expected to continue this for at least another 8-10+ days? Top it off we live in a State (Oregon) where the pandemic shutdown has been increased therefore, we are not supposed to be leaving the house let alone constantly running out to pick up food.

This will likely be a 15-20+ day process without a refrigerator. I am not one who is looking for a hand-out. I work hard to take care of my family. This whole process; scheduling a repair that was obviously a known failure, expecting a family in a pandemic to be without a refrigerator for the better part of a month, and, little to no concern from customer service about how we deal with this in the interim is frankly a disgrace to Samsung.

After all this I believe that reparation is in order here.

John Hendry
(503) 519-7592
Portland, Oregon USA

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