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Dear Mr. KUN- HEE
I am writing this mail to you for my fall prey to samsung mobile phone failures.I bought Samsung S7 edge (SM-G935F- GOLD) mobile phone from one of the Samsung authorized distrubitor in Ä°zmir,Turkey at 28.07.2017.
After a few month usage, ı realized that there is something wrong with my battery. I was suspect to battery performance but did not take an action due to the my business and not avoid to usage .After 8 months later, the phone makes broken the original charge device and battery performance is decreased very significantly. (The battery levely decrease from %100 to %0 around after 4 phone call or around 8 hours with no usage. )
My mobile is still in the warranty period and less than 1 year passed from the buying date. I bought my phone at 2700 turkish Lira and phone current price is around 2400 Turkish Lira
I sent my mobile phone to the samsung authorized technical sevice, the answer from the service is really suprising for me.The defined total cost is 1250 turkish lira (more than the half price of the zero km device) by the technical service.Their explanation about that price is, they have to change back cover and front screen of the device for repairing the battery.The detail was, they suppose to be cover and screen to be broken during the stress tests which have to be perform for testing battery.
My mobile phone back cover is broken due to the fell down to the flat, there is a deep scratch on it but the usage is not hindered. There is no any failure on the front screen except only 2 facial scratch which can be visiable only if you look carefully.
The device is not completed 1 year usage, and the device is still under warranty period.Also ı claim that, the battery problem is coming from 0 km.( If samsung investigate the history for this device including battery supplier data from tracebility sytem, most probably will find the battery is defected.)
I insist, if Samsung has to be perform any other tests or has to be change any area of the device for solving the problem in scope of warranty, have to perform this change free of charge. I will never change my screen because of the cosmetic failures not effecting me as a end user or even back cover in spite of defected, If the phone has no battery problem. I prefer to use my phone as it is with the curent cosmetic failures.
I am the electronics engineer, have experience about the validation tests and working as a quality engineer with the receiving customer complaints responsibility, from many years. Because of that, ı was tried to understand the reason of requirement the screen change but It was not possible to explain Samsung technical service to my voice and feelings. They were very rude, always tend to cut my voice with the argument of this is the company policy.They are very close to the any discussion and explanation is the not satisfactory.(Because, ı heard really different comments with my two phone calls with service and currently not sure about requirement of the change my screen) Their behaviour is the another problem too and needs to be evaluate
If this change is reeally required by the technical reason, I can clearly say that, this is very bad and unstisfactory company policy.I am the person which is trusted to brand.There was only two brand in my life for the electronic devices, the one of them was the Samsung until now. But now, ı am thinking that the Samsung is the not efficient customer protection sytem and does not care about the customer satisfaction.
From now on, ı am sure, neither ı nor the other people around me awairing of this issue will never use any product of the Samsung.I am thinking that, the quality of the brand is clearly visible with the company behaviours after customer face any problem.I am sure, the Samsung has lots of quality managament certificate.These certificate does not mean anythink in practice if customer satisfaction is not taking care in any fault case and customer has leave alone with helpness.
My expectation is my victimization to be resolve with fairy solution from your side.I hope my voice can be reach to you and you can help me


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