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Amjad Bokhari sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Dear Samsung CEO/Representative,

I am writing this email after so much pain and trouble that I face dealing with your company. It is such a huge unfortunate to see that such bad management might really hurt your reputation and your business.

I am Dr. Amjad Bokhari (Interventional Radiologist) at Miami University/Jackson Memorial Hospital in the USA and I know you might not even read this email or care as apparently this is the general theme in Samsung representatives.

I have always been loyal to Samsung and a big advocate as I believe in your company and your good products since Samsung galaxy 2 till nowadays with new Fold 3. I am one of the physicians who is responsible and working side by side with our hospital IT department knowing the fact that my specialty requires lots of avance technology as well.

Recently, I made a lot of my physician colleagues switch to Fold 2 and now Fold 3 as we are implementing a patient care system through android/apple and the big advantage of Fold 3 and the new pen makes it easy for me ro convince everyone to buy and acquire your products.

Howerever, I have to be honest and say I am switching completely to Apple and hopefully soon will start running the system through their tablets as your customer care and your representative are very unprofessional.

Your representative lies multiple times, and very unprofessional unfortunately to a level that makes a sane person lose his mind. From the way they behave, to the way they deal with complaints and most importantly to the way they respond to their customers.

I personally have several issues with your trading system, Samsung care plus and with your own product since the last 2 years and it is significantly getting worse.

Those are just examples of the conversation I had with your employees
Ticket numbers: 5892031 that have multiple conversations even with your supervisors.

Another Ticket to show you that your employees lack knowledge: Ticket: 5982630
I have tons of email with a lot of different employee names that I am happy to share as well.

I am happy to discuss this further but please dont waste more of my valuable time as Samsung are experts at doing so.

I already reached out to apple and they already offered me a complete exchange to the recently purchased Fold 3, samsung watch 4 and the bud pro. On top of that they offered their latest Mac pro and a tablet with apple home and whatever I need just to represent them to our institution as well.

The only reason I am writing this email is because I want to see how the high arche people in the management respond as I am willing to share this in the medical committee and online so everyone knows the reality of Samsung.

Hopefully to hear from you soon.

Amjad Bokhari, MD. MBS
PGY-4 Interventional radiologist, University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital.
IT department chief

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