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Farid Farouk Anees Mina sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Dear Samsung,
Good day, hope this email finds you well
My name is Farid i am from Egypt and i have a complain about Samsung Egypt as i have a refrigerator that still in warranty with the following information
and there was a problem on this refrigerator and technical support gave me a visit and informed me that it cant be fixed and needs to be replaced after one week one called me and told me that the model that i have is not available and the only available one is RT53 and i need to pay the difference 7000 LE and i have accepted this if its going to be a new one. but what i have received is not acceptable at all it was full of scratches and Infusions all around the refrigerator and at the front as what you will see in the pictures attached and when i called the customer support to inform them with my dissatisfaction about such a shape and it cant be an image of repetitive company as Samsung they informed me if you don't like it why you didn't reject it and refused to give me any kind of support, thus i am seeking your support in this issue and i am sure that you will what is right
the bad shape refrigerator information

noting that the refrigerator came without foam at all.

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