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Dear Sir:

Over the summer I had a software update pushed out to the UN65KS9000. Firmware version 1242 wrecked apps like You Tube, Netflix and Disney +. It also messed up Game Mode, caused green lines to go up the center of the TV screen, completely resetting all picture settings to default, turning blacks to dark greys and most importantly altering the algorithm for the backlight. That caused some KS Series TVs to overheat and possibly catch fire in as little as 50 minutes. I did experience some, but not all of these symptoms. My KS9000 TV was not even four years old. My brother and sister in law paid $2200 USD for the TV and were very angry that I had to replace it due to a botched firmware update, that Samsung USA refuses to take responsibility for. I emailed the Office of The President of Samsung USA & Executive Customer Support VP Joseph Stinziano, who can be emailed at jstinziano@sea.samsung.com. The only option they gave me is an in home technician, which wasn't feasible due to the coronavirus pandemic. I instead conveyed to the Office of the President and Mr Stinziano that a check $2200 USD for the cost of the TV would be the only remedy i’d accept. Your Samsung USA executive customer service did not respond to my emails; instead when they did call me, they blamed ME for causing the problem - along with the power outlet behind the tv (referencing the overheating issue with the firmware). Since I had these conversations in July, I was forced to spend $3000 + on a new TV because I could not use the Samsung due to the fire hazard b/c of the overheating possibility. My question is, would you be willing to consider that request of a $2200 check? Here is the website from Samsung’s forums detailing the major problems plauging the KS Series 7000-9800 with firmware 1242.


Please advise. Thank you

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