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Rajesh MOHAN sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Dear Sir,
I am writing this email because I had a very bad experience with the reception of the Samsung product from Blue Dart Service in Chennai ,Tamil Nadu , India.
You could refer the order ID to know the product I have purchased. We in our home purchase Samsung mobiles and other products quite often but this time I am sorry to say it was a worst experience.
I bought the mobile from Samsung App with Corporate Discount offer mentioned on the website and I took the instant cash back of HDFC card offer and I also I clubbed the exchange phone offer also.
So, the mobile which was 21,999/- came down to 16k. I paid it online and the product came yesterday 08.09.21. The exchange mobile was in working condition but has some display issue. It did not pass the Cashify diagnose test and therefore the Blue Dart man did not take the exchange mobile and did not deliver the new product.
We tried to explain him that he can exclude the exchange offer so that we will pay the discount of 2,950/- given by cash or by online transfer to Samsung itself. Even I called up Samsung customer service to know what are the available option in my situation.
Twice the support agent disconnected the call abruptly while speaking. I would like to ask what procedure do you have if the exchange mobile is faulty and did not meet the conditions. You could have asked to do the diagnose before in hand and share the report by mail so that you could tell the final exchange price.
The mobile which I ordered in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) came all the way from Samsung Warehouse in West Bengal and now it will again reach the same place.
In spite of me paying the money and waiting for 5 days to receive the mobile I got nothing now. The refund process will take 10 days’ time. Will Samsung pay the interest for this. My money is locked.
Now if I need to purchase it again the instant cash back offer is over and corporate offer is not given in showroom and therefore, I need to shell out more money to buy the same product which I got at lesser price.
I request you to give me a solution for this situation. Either issue me a coupon where I can buy the same product at the same price in a Samsung Showroom today itself as I need to submit the bills at office for reimbursement or give me a voucher where I can buy any other product of Samsung with no expiry date.
I still do not want to switch to any other brand as I am quite satisfied with the products that Samsung roll out.
I request you to look into this matter asap and provide me with an update to my email or call me if you require any further information.

Thanks for your time and consideration.
Rajesh MOHAN

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