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Dear Sir,
I purchased a Flex Duo Electric range, earlier this year, to replace my old range. I was excited that it had 2 ovens that could be arranged as one large oven, with no effort. Plus, it looked sleek and would fit in perfectly with my Samsung stainless steel French door refrigerator.
I have had nothing but problems with the control board, since it was delivered. Not the electrics within the panel, just the stainless panel, itself. The product continually discolors and has been replaced 3 times! I was hoping this last replacement would not have the same issues as the other two. But, I was wrong. In fact this panel is by far, the worst of the three. Not only does it have the appearance of pitting, (black marks even though the surface is smooth), but now the graphics are coming off. I am so frustrated with this product, that now I wish I had not purchased it. It looks older than 6 months old. My refrigerator has never had any of the problems that I am having to deal with. The repairman told me that the stainless that Samsung is using now, is not the same as that, that was used in years past. He stated that it is just a piece of metal that is sprayed with a stainless paint. Hence, the reason that I am having so many issues.
I've brought the most recent issue up to the support representative, but they won't replace it a fourth time and I now have to settle for what is now a terrible looking appliance. Honestly, shouldn't the back panel of a range, be able to withstand any type of oil splatter, etc. without creating marks, (if that is indeed the reason for this??).
My hands are tied and the reason why I am reaching out to you for help. I love the range, but it looks awful! Is there something that you can do to research this ongoing problem?
I would be willing to try yet another panel. Perhaps a fifth one won't discolor? I can only hope....
Thank you for you time,
Susan Turner

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