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Dear Sir,

With a great hope I am writing this to you. I am an old Samsung customer. Recently I have purchased a Samsung Front loading Washing machine also. But I have a complaint regarding my Samsung AC purchased through online and using corporate email id offers. I purchased and paid for an AC on 3rd of September, 2020 and the expected delivery date was 21st of September, 2020. Being watched that no progress in my delivery tracker, I tried to call your support, chat and mail but all was in vain. I didn't have any information about it. Suddenly today (Actual delivery date) in the evening I got a mail against my ticket that my order is cancelled and my money will be refunded after 9 days (48hrs initiation+7 days to my bank). First of all, so many days my family waited to receive the product with hope and affections and after learning about this news all and me got a mental trauma and helplessness'. Our money is stuck for so long in a Samsung account and will be stuck for at least 10 days more and for that who is responsible. We want our purchased product and not the money. We had a great hope attached with the product. Now after so many days it's been said that the order has been cancelled. But we can't accept it at all and that's why as a first step I am writing it to you with a hope that you will help us to resolve this. Hope you will surely understand your permanent customers issues. We don't lose hope from Samsung and We hope you will not let this happen.

Purchase date : 3rd September, 2020
Model : AR18TY5QAWK
Model Number : AR18TY5QAWK-F
Corporate E-mail id used to purchase : somnath.dey@rpsg.in
Name : Somnath Dey
My mail id : somnath.dey@gmail.com
Order Number : 33502422551

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