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Mrs. Hala. W.Abou Seif sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Good evening
I need to file a complain against Samsung Egypt as we bought in April 2019 a top loading washing machine 14 kg under the Name of Dr.Tarek Kamal Nessim and since May till this month Samsung company changed 6 parts major in the machine and when we refused to change them and asked to replace the machine as it is under guarantee they totally rudely refused and took the machine at their maintenance service and changed major 4 parts and before that after few days of installing the machine they discovered a defected pump so they change it that makes 5 parts changed form April 2019 till February 2020 and when they returned the equipment they let the driver who brought back the equipment install it which results a breakage of the hose that feeds the machine with hot water and I filed an official complain to the management and they send me a new hose today so that makes 6 major parts changed in less than 9 month, the question here is it all that your policy instructions as your customer service pretended that no replacement is to be made only repair ; knowing you Koreans you never do such a mistake as we have been agents for Nagasy Singapore for ages now and I know that your reputation is what counts we have been suffering from this washing machine since day one all our branded clothes are destroyed and customer service teller Mrs>walaa is stubborn and insisting on what she wants. We also filed a legal complain in the Egyptian consumer protection bureau and asked to replace the equipment but also Mrs,walaa refused you can find all details and parts replaced in our file on Samsung Egypt system under the name of Tarek Kamal Nessim compound Marina city new Cairo Egypt mobile number +201222680947 we would appreciate your prompt reply as we are sure that Samsung would care about their customers
thanking you in advance for your care
best regards
Hala abou seif

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