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Good Morning,

I have been a Samsung User for a very long time. I have always purchased the Galaxy Phones, I have Samsung TV's, and appliances. Recently, However, I have come across a situation and Although I registered my product, I am told it is not covered. On Feb 4, I bought the Samsung Galaxy Rose Gold Watch. One of the advertisement features is: "Case Crystal: Gorilla Glass DX+. The Galaxy Watch takes on life with military-grade durability,³ swim-ready water resistance⁴ and Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ that prevents the display from getting scratched." This is straight from your website. I have had this watch for less than three months- and my screen is cracked. I did not drop it, smack it on anything, or do anything to it, but somehow, under normal use- this "Gorilla Glass" has cracked my screen in less than 3 months. I find this completely inexcusable and not up to the quality of Samsung. Not to mention- the watch is NOT cheap! Now I am told I have to pay to ship the watch in and pay almost as much as the watch costs to have it fixed. Again- this is unacceptable for a watch I have had less than 3 months. Here is the product info: Model # SM-R810NZDAXAR Serial# R5AK90MHHEV. I would appreciate if Samsung would stand by it's product and fix this for me. As a long time Samsung user, I feel that it would be the right thing for your company to do. Doing the right thing would of course also give me the opportunity to sing your praises on social media. I thank you and look forward to your response.

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