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Good morning,

I don't want to be too extensive in this email but rather be practical, this is a transcription of the complaint I've made to Samsung Portugal rather important(I think) to Samsung CEO...

On August 11, I received confirmation of the validation of the renting contract with Evollis for the Z Fold 3. Since that day I've been trying to find out the delivery status of the same and nothing, I'm the one who has been calling Evollis, who tells me that the logistics/delivery part will have to be with Samsung, then I have called Samsung who told me that they could not give details because the purchase was through Evollis, so I would have to wait. Yesterday, after 21 days without any contact or email from either party, I called both of them and when I called Samsung's support they again surprise me in the negative, they don't know anything about the process and they would have to analyze the process with Evollis . I was so annoyed to hear this after 21 days, meaning no one at Samsung did anything!

The question I ask myself is: Why do I still insist on Samsung?

If you take a look at my client form with my email, you can see that since the first Samsung Galaxy, I bought all the high-end models of the S and Note version, tablets, smartwatch, accessories, TV''s and that's how I'm treated ???

Over the years, I've had several issues with Samsung, including losing money for a 2 Note 7 due to the battery issue, all recorded in emails sent to Samsung that I never got back to!

Here I leave only current problems that I detect:

- when the online order passes to Evollis, we lose track of it as we are not given any number that we can track, nothing is registered in our online account
- the rewards points system does not allocate the points due
- When we receive orders from Samsung online, their status does not reflect reality, I have often received the order physically and Samsung has not even given me the delivery or tracking information, even on the online account

That said, I believe that I do not deserve to be treated like this in any way, it is Samsung's conscience what it has to do to treat a customer who just wants to pay for products and receive them in acceptable conditions, I don't ask for anything else.

It's a shame for me after so many years as a customer to think that there might be some logic in the fact that Samsung is losing ground to other technologies like Xiaomi, sorry to say but I have to think about this...

I leave here a promise, if until tomorrow I don't have certain information from Samsung about the Fold 3, I'll never buy a Samsung product again and notice that in parallel to the Fold 3, I bought a Z Flip 3 from Vodafone through Clube Viva, it's already registered on my Samsung account.

thanks and best wishes

Daniel Pinto

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