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Greetings Sir,

I wanted to take this time to speak with you regarding a recent purchase of the Samsung Z Fold 3 in which I was going to trade in IPhones and I also found to be very technically advanced over the iPhone 12 Pro Max I have. Unfortunately, after attempts to resolve an issue with Google Assist and the device alongside with Samsung support I was unable to resolve and attempted to see if the issue was the fact it was an unlocked device and I required the carrier branded device as my provider is T-Mobile to see if that would resolve the problem and I was informed that I would have to return the device and re order… the issue is that I got that Fold 3 on a payment loan with Affirm and got a special deal in which I got the upgrade to the storage space of 512GB so I couldn’t return and re order, I had just wanted to exchange for the T-Mobile brand Fold 3 but customer service was un willing to offer any further assistance or support to resolve the issue, It is very disappointing that I had to return the Fold 3 and lose my special upgrade offer I had and now that promotion is over it would cost me extra to get it now. I spoke to my carrier to see about getting the Fold 3 through them however it was going to cost me $1000 down in which I do not have, that’s why I was going to trade in devices and put the remaining amount on a payment loan with Affirm. I hope that Samsung could resolve further issues with customer loyalty and better assist getting customers away from Apple products in the future. I thank you for time and I hope that I can be part of the Samsung family in the future.
Roy Coker

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