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@ceoLeeKunHee – Lee KunHee – Hello Samsung Management team, First of all I am really disappointed of the treatment I

Muhib Alraas sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Hello Samsung Management team,

First of all I am really disappointed of the treatment I received from Samsung team due to below issue , it seems you guys are not looking after customer care and satisfaction

I was a fan of Samsung products, honestly I like Samsung electronic devices very much. I have been using Samsung products since ling time . However, I was not having as good experience as before on the product quality issue happened recently to my smart TV ( SAMSUNG QLED- Model: QA65Q60RAKXZN ) under serial number ( 05423K6M500192P ) .

I bought my QLED TV in 31-May-2019 here in united arab emirates , I was satisfied with the performance and features of this TV until 30-Sep-2020. Then suddenly I found a vertical colored lines showing on tv screen ( attached supporting pictures FYR )

Therefore, I called Samsung customer center on same day and I have explained to them the issue also I shared with them the pictures for their reference
On Thursday I called again the customer center to follow up on this issue and they informed me since the devise is out of warranty I have to pay around AED 2,500 as a replacement screen if I wish to repairer it thru their services , of course as I client of Samsung I am not happy to pay such huge amount knowing this is a technical error so it is 100% not my fault at all !

With full respect that the warranty is expired already but in my point of view as a client of Samsung I can see it is unfair at all to pay such amount for a TV stayed with my only 1 year and three months !!

Therefore thru my call to customer center I requested them to raise a complaint ( with ticket ref # 3101759173 )
on 3rd October I received a call from ( Mr. Adnan Mohammed / Director of complaints department ) and according to him as per the policy of company and unfortunately they cannot absorb the cost as ( Free of Charge ) specially the warranty is expired and they best they can offer is the discounted fees of screen replacement .

Please note : I bought this TV on last year with amount ( AED 7,499 ) and if I need to absorb the cost of screen replacement I have to pay ( AED 2,500 ) means the total fees for this devise will be around ( AED 10 K ) !!

Now by above scenario do think this fair ??
you are spoiling your brand name and you are not maintaining the company's reputation in the market by losing the relationship with your customers which will lead to no recommendation of your productions in future and you will end up with unhappy customers

again I am here kindly addressing this issue I have faced to Samsung management to take this issue into consideration I will guarantee to you that I will never consider Samsung products in future

Best regards,

Maheeb Al Ras

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