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I am writing to you to express how unbelievably disappointed I am in Customer service with 1-800- SAMSUG. I had the horrible experience of speaking to one of your Additional Support Representatives" named Daniel on 12/26/19 call tracking # 2223358002. After purchasing a BRAND New Samsung refrigeration on 11/30/19 from Best Buy in Watertown MA. We have experienced nothing but hazarded issues, which in include a " black soot" film that is covering the entire inside of the brand new refrigerator purchased on 11/30/19. We have had to clean and throw out hundreds of dollars worth of food. Our Samsung Fridge is covered under the 1 year warranty through Samsung and we also purchased extra warranty through Best Buy. We called Samsung on 12/23/19 and they scheduled a service person that came out on 12/24/19 and he unfortunately didn't speak very good English but he was here with my husband William Donlan ( copied on this email) and when he called the service center at Samsung they couldn't understand the technician that well ( due to his lack of English) but as related to my husband he stated the refrigeration was definitely defective, he has never seen anything like the " black film " covering the inside of the just the fridge part and not the freezer and that we needed to fight Samsung because there was nothing he could do and it WAS NOT environmental as my husband heard the service tech relay back to the service technician on the phone ( without seeing it and Not understanding the service technicians English).

We have spend 2 hours on the phone with Samsung today the day after x-mas, being transferred from department to department, with NO help what so ever. Ignorant, uneducated people, passing the buck. I have worked in retail, operations and corporate environments my entire life and have never has my husband NOR myself every experienced such horrible customer services, complete run around and unprofessionalism from a company as we have from Samsung. Not only have we had to clean the Samsung Refrigerator we purchased on 11/30/19 out multiple times, and thrown away hundreds and hundreds of dollars in food, we have had the WORST experience dealing with " Samsung's " Customer service as a whole. The representative I spoke to on 12/26/19 ( after being transferred back and forth between your customer service representatives, supervisors, case management team and finally called Service Quick again to schedule ANOTHER service call with same technician and his manager who speaks English to come back out, service Quick needed to transfer us back to Samsung Customer service to get a new ticket #. That is when your Department Additional Support Customer Staff, by the name of " Daniel" phone call recorded under case # 2223358002 got onto the line and spoke to me like I was a 5 years old, quoting YOUR warranty handbook, basically threatening me that they were NOT going to give me a NEW ticket # at first ( then I yelled back and said that's illegal we have the right as consumers to have Service Quick come back out and look at the refrigerator again" Then Daniel threaten me that IF and WHEN service Quick comes back out and deems the refrigerator ( NDA) which apparently Samsung has already made up it's mind that it is NDA AGAIN - and the service tech and his manager from " Service Quick" are not scheduled to come out until tomorrow 12/27/19 that we have NO warranty on the refrigerator we purchased on 11/30/19.

As a consumer and as my legal right I WILL NOT BE threatened or spoken to as Daniel spoke to me today ever again. I suggest you pull the phone call under case call # 2223358002and either fire " Daniel" OR train your customer service representatives how to treat your customer with respect which is WHAT WE DESERVE. I will NEVER purchase another SAMSUNG product again, not just because it is not working properly BUT because you customer service representatives are unprofessional, ignorant and the rudest representatives I have ever come into contact in my life. I would NEVER Allow " Daniel " to remain under my employment as a retail district manager. Samsung should be ashamed of how they treat their customers going forward and I will make sure I report this to the " Massachusetts" Consumer Protection Agency, BBB, and any other agency to make sure Samsung doesn't treat another customer they way we have been treated by your customer service team today 12/26/19.

There will be reports filed, and I will make sure I tell everyone I know to NEVER purchase a Samsung product for I would never want someone I know to go through the aggravation, disrespect and complete incompetence we have had to endure today.

I hope this email reaches the right people, so you can fix the problem before it becomes even bigger. Keep in MIND your client following- starts with YOUR customer service Department THEY ARE the face of your company, and from what I have experienced Samsung is definitely a product name that will never be purchased again and brought into our home. There is consumer protection laws and regulations per each state so I will personally make sure Samsung has been reported for I feel as though my protection as a consumer has been violated and threatened by Samsung.

Amie & William Donlan

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