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I am writing to you to express my absolute despair at the decisions made by top executives at Samsung in particular mobile phones.

First of all STOP trying to make your own Proprietary software. NO ONE wants to make a Samsung Account. NO ONE wants to use Bixby. Bixby Button by the way was the worst decision ever.

If you're going to use Android as your OS then just let Google handle the software. All your efforts to have your own software is a waste of time and money for the entire company.

My final straw is with chargers and USB Cables. Fast charging should not be restricted to SAMSUNG Proprietary accessories. STOP TRYING TO GAIN A MONOPOLY. YOU WONT EVER DO IT. So just stop. The technologies that have made the most money in the past have always been those that have been freely available to other companies to make cheaper ones. CASSETTE, VHS, Floppy DIsk, CD-ROM, DVD, USB. Things that died in Australia because a company tried to keep a monopoly over the tech include Betamax, mini-disc, Tivo. These were all superior technologies to their cheaper and more mass distributed counter-parts.

So just STOP. All you are doing is making me your EX-Loyal Customer very angry at your arrogance and greed.

Do what you do best and make hardware and appliances that just work. Stop trying to appeal to shareholders by adding functions and features that no body will ever use. Stop making software. Stop trying to squeeze every dollar you can. Just Stop.


Tim Ferry
Efficiency and Effectiveness Expert
T & T Business Consultants

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