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Hi Samsung Team,

I am reaching out regarding my washer and dryer that I ordered from my local Lowe’s Store#1527 on June 6, 2021. I ordered the 2-Item#1451943 / Model#SAMSUNG PEDESTAL WE402NP and Item#1501524 / Model#SM FL WASHER WF45R6100AP and Item#1501525 / Model#SM FL ELEC DRYER DVE45R6100P. I attempted to use the washer and the drum moved around so loud and roughly, this caused a dent in the washer after one cycle. I discontinued use and I reached out to Lowe’s delivery team – they called Samsung and found out the washer had issues and could not be used because of the installation bolts/manufacturer defect. At that time, I was advised to contact Samsung directly for support. I have reached out several times and each time I am advised that I will receive a call back and that never happens. One time I called and was told that Samsung would be refunding me through Lowe’s (which I did not understand), but only my washer would be refunded, not my pedestal.

Today, July 27, 2021, I reached out to Samsung again with ASM Victoria from Lowe’s on the phone for help in understanding what options I had. It was then that a representative Miranda advised me that they would send a replacement washer and have a representative from Samsung install, that sounded great!! Then she advised that the pedestal would not be replaced, and they would be sending whatever unit they had available. The way the washer sounded and seeing the visible damage from trying to run one cycle, I am sure the pedestal needs to be replaced as well. I escalated to speak with someone higher. I then spoke with Caesar who advised me that they could replace my washer with a comparable item wf45t6000av-a5 which only comes in Black Stainless Steel. My units are Platinum. To be honest, I purchased the wf45r6100ap and dve45r6100p because it was aesthetically appealing to me and caught my eye, not to mention it matched my walls and home decor. Caesar advised me that he could send only the washer in Black Steel and would not replace my Pedestal. How would that look? A Black Steel Washer with a Platinum Pedestal? Not in my laundry center!! He did advise me that they did not have my model in-stock and that he did not know when they would have more inventory. I want to give Samsung the opportunity to resolve the matter and make me whole. I need a replacement for Item#1451943 / Model#SAMSUNG PEDESTAL WE402NP and Item#1501524 / Model#SM FL WASHER WF45R6100AP. Please contact me back regarding this. Lowe’s has really been great with handling the delivery and installation, but this is not their fault. Please honor my request.

Camissha Greer

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