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Hi, this is my current response regarding my phone which is now over a month of being unable to use.it was sent by for repair and Samsung claim the screen was damaged before they received it.

I wish to make a complaint about the damage my phone has obtained from when it left my house until it got to your repair center.I was informed that my phone has arrived at the repair center by text and then received an email from them to say it had a damaged screen .Let me start by saying I purchased the phone from Samsung direct in June the 20th.I have been unable to make calls or use data for 90 percent of the time I have owned the phone .After weeks in contacting Samsung they agreed to send out a repair engineer to my house which did not happen .After another week they agreed to lift the phone by courier the next day which did not happen .The day after it was collected and returned to your repair shop.The phoine was always in a case and as it never worked saw no use .When the phone was put in the box it did not have a damaged screen so it was either damaged in transit or in your workshop.I feel this is a scam to get customers to pay for the repair of faulty phones ,as firstly the engineer couldnt come out and then when booking for postal service the operator kept asking about damaged screen thus setting it up so that when it arrived ,you would automatically say the phone is damaged and you have to pay for the repair.I feel that Samsung needs to go online and look at there reviews about customer service and the faults that seem to be happening as with my phone .I am not willing to pay for the repair of the screen as it was perfect when leaving my home .

I expect my phone to be repaired or replaced immediatly and I am so dissappointed in Samsung service and attitude .Also I would just like to point out that I do not have a phone to use since paying £309 on June the 20th to Samsung .I await your urgent reply as this is now going on since I took the phone in to your Belfast Center in July.


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