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Hemul Modh sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

This is highly dissatisfying to say that we have been Samsung loyal customers for more than 15 years. On 22 June 2017 we purchased Samsung 55' LED TV amounting to Rs. 1,19,000. To our surprise the TV suddenly stopped functioning more than a month ago. We immediately informed the concerned department and as a matter of follow up and we were given an estimate letter from Samsung stating that the panel of TV has to be replaced and the amount quoted as Rs. 28,316. We were shocked to see the amount but we hesitantly accepted and requested for immediate repair. We were promised that some technician will visit and repair the same. But no one turned up till date despite several follow ups. We kept calling and did a rigorous follow up. The call generated a service request number 4308986191. Now the real problem began. We were suddenly informed that the panel for the same model is not available due to shortage and as per them the panel of  another high definition model can be used but the cost estimate is Rs. 48,000. 
We are feeling cheated, betrayed, dodged, frustrated disappointed, How can a brand "Samsung" do this?  Why do we have to pay so much? In the first place the TV didn't even work properly for more than 3 years and secondly it's absolutely not our fault to deal with the shortages from Samsung end. Where are we responsible if Samsung as a brand fails to provide proper service? why should I as a customer pay such a huge amount? In this ongoing war with the pandemic it has added to an extra burden on my pocket. It is like a regret to have purchased Samsung TV. We are using many more gadgets of Samsung but after this experience do you even think I could ever buy a Samsung product? This is absolute craziness and carelessness on part of Samsung. 
I seek immediate action on the matter and request you to fix it as soon as possible as it's already 40 days since I have raised the issue. Seeking an immediate closure and favorable response keeping in mind my Brand loyalty.
Kindly note: Bill details and estimated document is attached for your reference.
Thanks and Regards,Hemul Kumar Modh

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