@ceoLeeKunHee – Lee KunHee – Mr. Hyun Suk Kim. First of all, I present my deep sorrow for bothering you

Arif sariyildiz sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Mr. Hyun Suk Kim. First of all, I present my deep sorrow for bothering you. I am a manager in a pharmaceutical company in Turkey. Dong A, ISU and Yonsung are our partner companies. I visited Korea a lot and I love it very much.
I have a Samsung problem in Turkey and I would be very thankful if you are interested. I bought Samsung 65Q900R 8K TV 2 months ago and it is a very high quality product. But especially in the action scenes at football matches, a lot of vertical shadows occur and this is very disturbing. Local Samsung Service saw these errors at my home and issued a report. But Samsung Central Service does not consider multiple shades as errors. I invited the central service to my home but they didn't even answer. I am not happy to be desperate in this regard. I have been a Samsung TV user for 20 years. I currently have a Samsung 55PD8000 Plasma TV and a 65HU7500 4K Curve TV in my home. There is no ghosting that is a problem with these TVs. 67-year-old pharmacist and feel humiliated myself by Samsung Turkey. Because they didn't take care of my complaint even though it's a very expensive product.

Dear Hyun Suk Kim, I would like your attention for the replacement of 65Q900R 8K TV. I wish you good and successful days.

Pharmacist Arif Sariyildiz

Tlf: +905322637724

Mail: arsay@demilac.com.tr

Work order number: 4239093503 (Samsung 65Q900R 8K in Samsung Service)

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