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Pankaj Nath sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Respected Mr Baxter,

Greetings. I write to you from New Delhi, India. I request your kind attention and Help for my Samsung Product.

I had purchased a Samsung French Door Refrigerator Model: RF858QALX3, Serial Number:060E43BF400028 on May 31st, 2014 from your Samsung Dealer M/s Aarco One, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi-110024. I ahd paid Rs 177000-00 (INR One Lakh Seventy Seven Thousand Only) Vide Invoice No. 13/14-15/704.
On 18th May, 2019 I registered a complaint with Samsung that the Refrigerator was not working properly. The registered complaint number is 4282960421. As the time of loging my complaint I had clearly requested that a senior engineer should be sent to my house as this is an expensive sophisticated refrigerator model. The next day a service engineer came to attend our complaint and told us that the Compressor of this refrigerator is not working and needed to be replaced. He told us that another engineer would follow up this change of compressor.

In the following days, a service engineer came and changed the Compressor. The refrigerator was Power on by him and it worked fine and started cooling. In the meanwhile, he opened the back panel of the refrigerator and started checking the unit. Suddenly I heard a signal noise and a strange smell was emitted by the refrigerator, which was told to him by me. The front LED Display panel of the refrigerator showed an error “ E65 ”, which I told the engineer too. He told me that it was not a matter of concern and needed to be re checked, which will be done by his other engineer. He power off the unit and left our house. He told us that the Thermostat Heater of this refrigerator has got damaged and will be ordered with Samsung and be replaced on payment from me.

Since that day, I have followed up many times with the Samsung service team and with Mr Thapa from that Samsung Service centre. I have been told and reassured by Mr Thapa that the Heater part is no longer available and I will be provided with a replacement Refrigerator. This he confirmed to me over the telephone for which I have the audio recording, which can be made available to you if required.

He also told me that he has had email exchange from the Samsung Service head office in Okhla, New Delhi. He told me to wait till 9th June 2019 by which I will be given a new refrigerator of the same model.

It was on 10th June 2019 that I got a call from Samsung Service centre and was told that I can not get a new replacement refrigerator and I will be refunded Rs 17000.00 (INR Seventeen Thousand Only) for this refrigerator. I requested that lady that I will NOT ACCEPT this money and I needed my refrigerator to be repaired as it was damaged and spoilt by the service agent from Samsung.

I have on daily basis followed up with Samsung helpline agents and all they say is that I should get a replacement refrigerator of the same value but no one is helping me.

I request you to kindly help me with getting my Samsung refrigerator repaired as I have used it for only 4 years and I am not being told that the Heater is no longer available. How is it possible that Samsung Stops servicing its Top Of Line Refrigerator in just 4 years of sale.

I am sure that you will kindly help me with this problem of mine and do justice to my case. Why should a Samsung buyer be held to task for bad work done by Samsung third party service providers and non availability of spare parts.

This is a big Breach of Trust, Refusal of Providing Fair Service, Committing fraud by selling goods which can not be serviced and parts made available in a period of 4 years, Causing Mental Agony and frustration and above all a Clear case of Cheating the Consumer.

I look forward to hearing from you Urgently on this.

With regards,

Pankaj Nath.

E 489, Mayur Vihar


Delhi 110091


Cell:+91 9810218693

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