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Debashis Chaudhuri sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Respected Sir,
We are the avid customer of your products - be it air conditioner, refrigerator, smart microwave oven or mobile phone. As a matter of policy of continuous innovation, however, Samsung overhauls its product portfolio every five years or so. In line with that, Samsung has brought in new models of microwave ovens that are, unfortunately, far INFERIOR to what we owned viz. CQ-138S. Unfortunately, that superb oven suffered a lightning strike and the front panel was burnt. Since Samsung has discontinued the entire product line, we could no way get a replacement. We loved the oven so much, we still feel that we lost a member of our family. You may burst into laughter knowing, our heart still aches for the oven.
This is to make an earnest request to your good office to kindly arrange to bring back that Smart Oven series - may be with even brighter and more attractive display (like a multicolored OLED screen, etc.) and more user friendly features.
What made it a class apart were
1. Rugged (kind of military grade product, could easily survive all mishandling).
2. Durable (never broke down and would not have died early either).
3. Flatbed (no hassle of cautious handling of a turntable).
4. User Friendly (just by turning the knobs and combining their functions, one could get so many choices)!
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Debashis Chaudhuri
Kolkata, India
M: 91-9007063912

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