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Abdelhalim Elbaz sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Samsung Maintenance Complain
Dear Sir,
I would like to present to you what I have been subjected to fraud, lack of quality, under qualification and poor performance of Samsung maintenance branch in Egypt.
• On 29/7/2018 I asked the maintenance branch of Samsung Egypt to check my refrigerator to determine the weakness of cooling power failure.
• On 30/7/2018 attended maintenance representative and identified the need to change the compressor.
• On 31/7/2018 I have contacted your maintenance branch in Egypt and I have agreed on the cost of repair, and I have been informed by the maintenance branch that the installation schedule will be on Thursday 2/8/2018 or Saturday 4/8/2018 at most.
• On 4/8/2018 no one came up and I called Samsung maintenance branch in Egypt to find out why nobody came for repair and I was shocked when the they informed me that the repair order was canceled because I did not inform them of my agreement to the cost of repair. I complained to him that I agreed to the cost of repair on 31/7/2018 and that call is system recorded.
• Your maintenance branch in Egypt reported that the subject will be investigated and that the felon person will be punished and settled a new date for the new compressor to be changed within 48 hours. I told him that your investigation is an internal formality in your company and it does a client’s concern, in spite of you caused a delay and waiting for a new compressor for another period because of your mistake. I apologize for saying that you do not offer satisfaction to the client for your mistakes except to investigate the matter and punish the defaulter in the work, even though that does not satisfy the client.
• On 5/8/2018 the maintenance representative attended at my home and changed the compressor and delivered a guarantee certificate for compressor and installation works.
• On 14/8/2018 I heard the sound of vibrations at compressor side; I phoned the maintenance branch in Egypt and explained to them the problem.
• On 15/8/2018 attended the maintenance representative and stated that everything is normal and that there is no problem with the compressor and he made retightening to compressor base bolts and disappearance of vibrations.
• But I noticed the following in the maintenance process:
1. The new compressor is mounted on the base bolts of the old compressor and the base bolts of the new compressor have not been installed as seen in the attached image of the new base bolts delivered complete with new compressor that have not been installed.
2. One of the base bolts is different from the other base bolts. It is furnished with a nut and not with a locking washer like the rest of the base bolts as seen in the attached image.
3. The Freon tube connected to the compressor is covered with ice, indicating that the Freon charge is faulty and that the ice when it is melting caused the carpet under the refrigerator to be damaged.
The failure of Samsung maintenance branch in Egypt to apply Samsung quality standards and follow the industry standard in the maintenance and installation in accordance with Samsung instructions and catalog has caused psychological and financial losses to me.
I am sure that this will not satisfy you for the reputation of Samsung International.
You are kindly requested to intervene this subject to settle this commercial fraud and poor service from your maintenance branch in Egypt.
With all my appreciation to you, I hope that your quick response will be answered soon to the customer satisfaction.
Engineer: Abd Elhalim Elbaz
Mail: abdelhalim_elbaz@yahoo.com

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