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I am so sorry for sending you this email, but to say I am very disappointed and extremely frustrated would be an understatement. We brought a range of samsung products when we recently moved, one of them a £700 washing machine.

After 10 months of use its now broken (there are only two of us in the household so it's hardly been used). I have been trying to speak to someone about this for well over a week. It has taken a very long time... The telephone numbers for customer services on your website are incorrect, your automated email system says you will contact me within 24 hours and it's now been 5 days and i have not had a reply. I rang another number this morning and got cut off after an hour when the young lady was going to transfer me..

I eventually (via the online chat) spoke to a manager (he didn't give his name) who told me that "even if a samsung product broke after 10 days we would not replace it" something that i find shocking!

I am not happy about a £700 washing machine failing after such a short period, but i also very frustrated by the support service and just how hard it is to navigate.

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