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Good morning Sir,

My name is Victor Carson and my X5 has been in your care since last Wed. 4/11, yet I do not know when it will be returned to me... I have reached out to my service provider "Andy" multiple times, to no avail... I took time after work to drive out of my way to come to your establishment yesterday, only to be informed that Andy did not come in yesterday, so i guess without his presence, nothing goes on with my vehicle. If this is the case, this is sad case of affairs for an establishment of this magnitude. When I relocated here from across the country my coworkers at Microsoft, told me not to use BMW of Seattle, due to the lack of service provided. I should have heeded their advice, I visited the establishment previously only to walk along the lot as well as inside the establishment, to be ignored. NOT ONE person asked if they could assist me. When I sought assistance, it was as if I was bothering them... My coworkers said they only care about people who have "A Lot" of money, and they already know who they are already... Obviously, I ignored their warning again, to my peril.

I Andy's absence I was provided your email address to address my concerns. As previously stated, have been without my vehicle for about a week now, with no known time of completion. Andy stated he attempted to contact my 3rd party warranty company and was on hold for 20mins and 30mins two separate times. I had to reach out to him to get this information. I suggested I reach out to them. I called and was able to get through within 10 seconds. But they informed me they needed to talk to Andy. I proceeded to contact Andy and ask for a direct number and said I will call them and then put them on a 3 way call together. This time when I contacted the warranty company, it took 5 mins to get a hold of someone. I'm not saying Andy is lying when he says he was hold for 50 mins, what I am saying it took me 5mins and 10secs to get someone on the line and transfer the call to BMW.

I just feel slighted and confused that a place that sells $100k vehicles don't seem to take customer service seriously... At this point, I am really tempted to ask you guys to put my car back together, if it's not (I don't know because, I haven't been told what's going on), and I will take my car elsewhere; where my patronage would be appreciated. I wasn't offered a temp car, which I inquired, but was never responded too... It should have been offered due to the duration my car was being held... Maybe I'm asking for too much? Maybe I just expect customer service not to be an oxymoron? Maybe I'm used to the service and communications, I used to receive when living on the East Coast? Maybe I need to lower my standards? I'm not sure about any of those. What I am sure about though, I need my vehicle returned


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