@ceomikejackson – Michael Jackson – I purchased a used 2017 grand Cherokee in June of 2020 in Spring Texas . As

ROBERT LEAVITT SR sent a message to Michael Jackson that said:

I purchased a used 2017 grand Cherokee in June of 2020 in Spring Texas . As of this writing I have not received my title. I have called many times to sales manager, Jose Sanchez person who did the paperwork and spoke to him many times.I was also given the shoe number to Jennifer Lopez who handles tiles who called me and we both spoke with South Carolina DMV about title transfer in SC. Jennifer was told by DMV that plates here her transferred from one car to another and taxes are already paid and transferred with plates. Jennifer stated their 3rd party company was trying to get new plates, not transfer. Then Jennifer stated she would contact 3rd party ( on sept 25 at 12:19 pm) she also called back later in the day to inform me and give me here direct number. She further stated she would take care of this and send me confirmation. On sept 29 I went back to the DMV at which time I was told by the same DMV clerk that no paperwork has been sent to DMV. I then called Jennifer 5 times and left messages through out the day. As of this writing no reply. I also called Jose Sanchez to ask for help and left messages, as of this writing no reply. Your company shows no response to a major issue for me to get my car registered and be able to use it, as I will go to small claims court and get reimbustment for a trip to Texas along with cost of payments for a car I can not use. This is the wort experience in my 50 years of buying cars.

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