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Joseph sent a message to Michael Jackson that said:

Mr. Jackson, my wife and I have had the most humiliating experience at your Weston Florida location most regretfully from Gary Sigal, Director of Consumer Financial Services.

we purchased our third vehicle at that branch this past Monday When we realized the next day that a VPP plan included in our contract was not what we requested. The following evening, we attempted to reach Claude Campbell, the finance manager who assisted us but he had already left the office and was off duty the following day. Because we wanted to solve the issue immediately, we were informed to reach out to the director of finance who would be in office the following day from 9am to 5pm
At 9:15 this morning, the front desk attendant announced us to Mr. Sigal who asked for us to wait for him at the waiting area. Thirty minutes later, after reiterating our desire to speak to Mr. Sigal, he then said he won't be available until 11:00am.
We requested that he see us briefly to which we were told no. As a result, we asked to return around 1pm since he's not able to see us briefly He again refused to even come out and simply acknowledge us. Instead he asked to tell us that he cannot do anything for us and that we need to wait for Claude Campbell and address the issue with him.

We are baffled at the level of unprofessionalism that Mr. Sigel displayed this morning. in front of his entire staff , Mr. Sigal chose to profoundly demean us, loyal patron of your establishment, without even hearing our concern.

We ask that you please address/rectify this issue and look forward to your reply .

Kind regards,
Joseph & Nahomie Prophete

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