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Christine Vitello sent a message to Michael Jackson that said:

Mr. Jackson,

Being some what religious, I had an epiphany after seeing you interviewed yesterday on CNBC. I’m not sure if you will address my issue, but I felt the need to send this email.

I purchased a new Mercedes 350E Class in 2012 from Mercedes Benz of Naperville and I currently own it. It has approximately 80,000 miles. The car was a great purchase and has performed well. Recently routine maintenance was needed and I returned to the dealer for this. The cost was $1079.45, much higher than another non Mercedes auto shop. But I wanted the maintenance done correctly.

Apparently the check engine light was illuminated, which I noticed but thought it pertained to the needed maintenance. I was notified by the service advisor that additional repairs were needed due to oil leaking into the engine harness. The cost of the additional repair would be approximately $8800.00.

The blue book value on this car isn’t anywhere near that. So instead of differing the maintenance in lieu of the option of allowing me to choose the more costly repair, they
did the maintenance.

After reading on the internet of many issues with seals leaking oil into the engine harness, I contacted the Mercedes Customer Advocacy department
Their response was basically sorry you can get a $3000 credit on a purchase of a new or leased E-Class Mercedes. Thank you Tamara, Customer Service Advocate. Really? How about giving me my maintenance money back since the routine maintenance was performed on a car that is worthless?
And performed at an authorized Mercedes Benz dealer.

I own 3 other cars, two Toyotas and one BMW, each with over 140,000 miles on them. They have never needed $8800 to repair an engine harness from oil leakage. Those cars also didn’t cost $65,000 to buy.

I will never buy another Mercedes from Mercedes Benz of Naperville. More importantly, perhaps the authorized Naperville dealer should give the customer the option of declining the costly maintenance when another more costly repair is needed. That’s just common sense.

Thank you in advance for your time.
Christine Vitello

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