change was required to achieve what the board wanted, to achieve what I call – Tony Thomas email address

SSGT Phil (Ret.) USMC sent a message to Tony Thomas – President and Chief Executive Officer of Windstream Communications – Email Address that said:

"change was required to achieve what the board wanted, to achieve what I call sometimes the FULL POTENTIAL WINDSTREAM."
Good Evening Sir, these aforementioned words were given by you during the transition of former Ceo Gardner. I struggle, even now, to contact you. I truly understand chain-of-command, but it is paramount to inform you that the TECH-HELP in Canada isn't performing up to THE FULL POTENTIAL OF WINDSTREAM. To put it succinctly, tech-help crashed my computer twice. Waited over 3 wks for a supervisor to call. Please check my records, I called WS over 15 times wanting to speak to a Super, but got transferred incessantly. IT STOPPED TODAY by Christie B. She refused to transfer me and I was so glad to hear "I AM so sorry...after lamenting the hurt, loss, and disappointment...then she said WE ARE so sorry. I cried (Marines do cry) and could not complete the phone call. She has a great heart. If you are able to call me , I would like to tell you what tech-help told me "they didn't have a supervisor; they work in "groups or teams." Outsourced repairs to Canada without accountability; incredulous! We need local "fix-it" shops with tech-help referral. Oh yeah, remind me to tell you about how I was put on "HOLD" and the installer who was here replacing my modem had to call WS to tell them "tell tech-help that our customer, Mr Martin has been on hold for a total of 45 mins got disconnected and now is on HOLD for 38 mins and I've been here to witness" This is indicative of tech-help placing me on HOLD for 2hrs48 mins. Tech-Help informed me on Mon 5th that my computer is irreparable. For almost a month, I have yet to tell my wife concerning this issue. This email is without hyperbole. I implore you to tell me what do I do now ?? My intent was to enumerate each incident, but I just can't. I am mentally and physically fatigued.
Thank You for listening.

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