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Michael Meyer sent a message to Thomas M Rutledge that said:

Dear Mr. Rutledge:
My wife and I have been experiencing almost unimaginably substandard cable and internet service from Spectrum ever since we moved to Beverly Hills, CA in December of 2016.

Your "installer" was unable to locate the cable outside our residence, so he ordered a 3rd party to install a "feed" to our building. When the 3rd party came out to install their line, they found the original line but proceeded to install a second cable anyhow. This was the beginning of our difficulties with Spectrum.

We have continued to experience great difficulty with "on demand" (error codes much of the time), and have been unable to get reliable on demand from the beginning.

Last week, one of two cable boxes wouldn't "boot" so I went online and found several Spectrum locations to pick up a new, refurbished box. After driving almost 12 miles in Los Angeles traffic, your location in Pasadena told me that they couldn't provide a new box because their Time Warner location hadn't yet merged to become Spectrum, even though it was listed online as a pickup location. He continued telling me that he was sorry and that there was almost confusion with customers not being able to pick up equipment at his location. I then drove the following morning to another location in Arcadia. I picked up a new box, but wasn't told that I'd need to call to activate the new box. After installing the new box, it didn't work, so I phoned Spectrum to activate the box, and it still didn't work. I then dialed again and waited nearly one hour to reach a human, and then hung up. I tried again in 30 minutes but was unable to get a person on the phone. About 4 hours later I was able to get a person who told me to continue rebooting the box and that it would eventually work. After more than a dozen attempts at rebooting and still not getting a picture or audio, I attempted to call back, but couldn't reach a human until about 35 minutes on speaker phone. The lady who answered said that in my area (Beverly Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles) there wasn't a technician available until a week from Monday, which was July 9th!

Mr. Rutledge, really, what are you doing? Is this the way you think a company should be run? Do you want you name associated with this fiasco?

Today, while at work, several people keep leaving messages asking me to call, but I didn't get the calls as they were coming in because I was at work. When I dialed the number they asked me to dial, nobody picks up, and I was taken into the regular message stating "You have reached us at longer than expected wait times....."

I decided to phone Corporate this morning, but the lady who answered was not at all helpful and refused to transfer me to anyone who could help.
The number I dialed was 203-905-7801.

At the age of 59, let me say that I can not think of any company I've ever dealt with which is so incredibly poorly managed.

Michael Meyer
Beverly Hills, California 90212

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