@CharterNewsroom – Thomas M Rutledge – I am writing in regards to the problems or as your company likes to refer

Keith Severino sent a message to Thomas M Rutledge that said:

I am writing in regards to the problems or as your company likes to refer to it as "negotiations" with Northwest Broadcasting out here in Northern California, Crescent City, Ca to be exact. We lost some pretty important programming channels the weekend of the Superbowl as I'm sure you're aware of and we have been promised since day one that negotiations continue with the hopes of returning programmings to us as soon as possible yet now we are being told locally that we are NOT getting those channels back and we will NOT be getting any reimbursement, as originally promised, for the time we have been without those channels that we all signed up for. I, along with a lot of people I know up in our area would like to know that truth, please. We feel like we have been deceived and strung along solely to collect those monthly payments from us. Oh, and to add insult to injury we have had a "local network" fee increase up this way since these channels were taken from us. We don't want to have to all leave and go back to Dish services once again but we cannot sit back and allow ourselves to be lied to like this. Either accommodate us for the loses or lose us for good, plain and simple. Come forward with some type of an announcement, progress or not. Communicate with your customers, please!!

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