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Adelina Rodriguez sent a message to Thomas M Rutledge that said:

I am writing regarding the transfer of the numbers. As you know, I have had several issues since decided to make the switch over to spectrum. We Along the way, I have experienced several delays. I did not have a great experience with Frontier and their customer service. Sadly, I am having the same experience with Spectrum. The initial delay had to do with the wiring. Why the wiring was an issue, I am not sure. Our building had several offices switch to Spectrum so the wiring was nothing new. Spectrum was fully aware of what needed to be done with the wiring. Next, there was an issue getting the numbers ported over correctly. They did not get ported over at least 2-3 times and I was not notified until the last minute. Finally, when the numbers did get ported over, there was one number missing. This has been the biggest issue. It is my fax line that did not get ported over. After a lot of unnecessary going back and forth, the number was finally ported over on Thursday or Friday. There has been a complete lack of communication and customer service with the last issue. I have been without a fax since Tuesday of last week. I took time out of my day to contact Frontier. Frontier said they no longer owned the line. I then called Spectrum, Spectrum said Frontier did own the line. At what point does someone say , "Let's stop wasting time and get this issue resolved."? I suggested a conference call but that never happened. Eventually after I complained, Spectrum figured it out. Now Spectrum has the line and I still have NO FAX. You suggested that I contact customer service because a cord "might be in the wrong slot". I have already been inconvenienced enough. I am not a phone technician. My day to day business has already been disrupted significantly because I have now been without a fax for 6 DAYS. Yet, I need to make the time to correct an issue that is the responsibility of Spectrum? That is NOT professional nor is it customer service. To further support this claim, I called customer service and the agent told me that there should have been a technician here at the office to connect the line when it was ported over. I am obviously beyond disappointed with this whole transition. I can agree that some issues were beyond your control, but a lot of the issues were very much in your control and you did nothing.
I expect a credit for the loss of time without a fax number and for all the time I have had to waste trying to take care of things that are the responsibility of Spectrum.

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