@CharterNewsroom – Thomas M Rutledge – I have been having Extreme trouble with Spectrum for over a year and a half

Laurie Davies sent a message to Thomas M Rutledge that said:

I have been having Extreme trouble with Spectrum for over a year and a half. My phone, my internet, my cable was all in-efficient in working, called , several technicians, out, several attempts , bought a new phone, etc. wires always checked, etc.
The numerous calls, times, dropped out calls, has been UNACCEPTABLE: the lack of knowledge of your operators, their communication skills, has been distressing and disheartening. Your Company needs better leadership and better unity, knowledge, and do more than they are!!!
I get a "run around" with your customer service, staff, technicians, all seeming to fix the problems, but they didn't. Yesterday a senior technician, found out, goin up onto the pole that the one piece of the cable wire, the brass connector was overheated and malfunctioned!!! Also, it was not being maintained and had caused all the malfunctions of all my services!
The condescending attitude of your managers or supervisors need HELP! for all the time of technicians, calls, TIME, they want to credit me a ridiculous low price of 49.00 dollars! I have had fraudulent charges of calling Trinidad and Tobago?!?!?? a mere .21 Cents, however, a fraudulent little charge being in there, as well as a COMPLICATED BILL! who do you think you are fooling? with all this nonsense then turning it around on the customer, like a legal lawyer, liar, would do? my personal cell is (203) 233-5298
WE should communicate and you should hire me to Help you not let Spectrum go without at least trying to understand. No time, no learning, or even considering ruins all good "Communications" "Customers"
"Safety Checks Unlimited" private

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