@CharterNewsroom – Thomas M Rutledge – I sent you a letter three weeks ago and received a "Dear Customer" return letter

Pete Fay sent a message to Thomas M Rutledge that said:

I sent you a letter three weeks ago and received a "Dear Customer" return letter. I understand that others have to answer your letters and emails but the letter I received is a form response that any number of customers would receive. My assumption is that the letter I sent was filtered and not read by you.
In that case, I wanted to display it here on your screen:
MR Pete Fay

May 6, 2018
Mr. Tom Rutledge, President & CEO
4145 S. Falkenberg Rd
Riverview, FL33578-8652

Dear Mr. Rutledge:
On your page you state, "We, at our core, are a service organization. And every product we sell has a huge service component."

I am concerned of the continual rate increases to my account. Spectrum has gained my inspection.
AT&T has a “Special” rate verified via enrollment in the national SNAP program. This monthly rate helps those that cannot otherwise have internet or AT&T services or Spectrum services.
The purpose of this letter is to ask if Spectrum has plans for a similar low income or SNAP recipients.
This “New Spectrum” product certainly would have a huge service component to the community in support for the less fortunate. Undoubtedly this is the core of any service organization.
This information is important to my evaluation.

Peter R Fay

Your compassionate ads need revising as to listening and responding to customers.

I hope this reaches you and you read it.
Pete Fay

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