@CharterNewsroom – Thomas M Rutledge – My name is Darlene Nichols. I am 74 years old , disabled and live on Social

Darlene Nichols sent a message to Thomas M Rutledge that said:

My name is Darlene Nichols. I am 74 years old , disabled and live on Social Security. I live on $819.00 a month. My lot payment and mortgage is $725 a month. I have been a loyal customer of Tom Warner for almost 19 years. I have never been late or missed a payment. In the past 5 months my cable and internet service has increased from $59 a month to $103. I have the basic of both. I can't afford the increase . My only communication with the outside world, other than with doctors, are through TV and the internet. I am in desperate need of your help. I noticed that you were President of Tom Warner for a short period of time , they had compassion for the less fortunate and offered promotional discounts. I am in dire need of your help . Please help me. There are so many others out here like me. $50.00 may not sound like much . To someone like me it might as well be a thousand. When we get up in our years and our health fails us, we don't ask for it but it is a part of life. You work hard all your life, You get sick, one by one things get taken away from you and your left to die. In our Society today, no one any longer cares for one another. Everything is based on the dollar. You have to have nothing to know what nothing is. I so hope you take the time to read this and hear my plea for help not only for myself but the hundreds like me who live in poverty through no choice of our own. Think about me and this Email when you do your increases. Again Mr. Rutledge I am asking for your help please lower my cable bill. I can't keep borrowing money to pay this. I am getting behind in other bills. Please. Thank you for your time and hope to be hearing from you soon. Thank you Darlene Nichols

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