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Our family went on vacation early in june of this year and came back to the picture on our television as seen below. No more channel 7, which is ABC network (out of Omaha, Ne) We still get ABC but it's from the smaller towns and Lincoln....NOT OMAHA. One of the MAIN reasons my wife and I stayed with Spectrum in Lincoln is because we could get the Omaha news stations. To be honest, our "local" news stations on the ABC network, look like they have hired immature newscasters that look so unprofessional! It's so bad that my wife and I have gone to watching the news from the Omaha station on our phones instead of on the TV that doesn't offer Omaha now!!!! SOOOO DISAPPOINTED! We are looking around and if we find something that offers the Omaha news, we will be leaving Spectrum. We have been with Spectrum/Time Warner for a long time and have had good service, but without Omaha, you may be seeing us leave soon when we find another option.
I'm sure we're not the only ones complaining. We've talked with many others that have the same complaint.
1. Why did they drop the Omaha ABC station??? We were never told that?
2. Could a person pay extra to get it???
3. Were you even aware that this was happening??
4. If it was a money thing (which I suppose it was), how about passing the savings on to us?? (although we'd rather have the Omaha station)
5. Plus...when you call the local Spectrum place, no one really knows anything??? So frustrating!

Thanks for listening...I know I probably won't hear back but I feel better expressing our concerns.

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