@CharterNewsroom – Thomas M Rutledge – Spectrum Business is single handedly trying to close our business. We have a thriving motorcycle

Kim Tramontozzi sent a message to Thomas M Rutledge that said:

Spectrum Business is single handedly trying to close our business. We have a thriving motorcycle build and repair shop in San Antonio and in January moved to our new spacious location which Spectrum wired and setup new service. Our services have been down more than up since the move. We have spent countless hours on our cell phones to tech support, had to manually calculate work orders and process credit card payments on our cell phones. We have what has become a book detailing our nightmare. We have everything from the amplifier on the pole not strong enough to send signal, wiring not complete from the box by install tech, double billing during our construction phase in which our services were interrupted 3 times, a amusement park in town phones were forwarded to us during the port over process literally causing our phones to ring constantly but not our customers, and the latest issue in which one of our main numbers which we have had for 13 years was somehow disconnected and given to another customer. This happened sometime Thursday evening and we have made 7 phone calls over 4 hours of our time and spoken to 10 of your finest all promising quick repair and communication. I have not received 1 call back keeping us informed. I have names, dates and many more details of our numerous outages We are told that complaints to the FCC and possibly consulting an attorney for interruption of our business are our next step ... all time consuming and not helpful to our business and employees. I have spoken and contacted many of your management and leadership staff but we still struggle daily with the services which we have paid in full for. No refunds for any loss of service have been credited at this time. Currently our main phone line has a "not in service" message Please contact me so I can share my account information where you will find countless notes. I also have a list of chat sessions saved in email. I appreciate your time.

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