@CharterNewsroom – Thomas Rutledge – 11705 Walnut Creek Pike Ashville, OH 43103 October 1, 2020 Charter Communications Attention: Customer Complaint

NIKKI l STACY sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

11705 Walnut Creek Pike
Ashville, OH 43103

October 1, 2020

Charter Communications
Attention: Customer Complaint

RE: Spectrum Cable & Internet

This letter is in regards to my Internet and previous cable service with your company. I received a letter from your company telling me my cable was going up again, to $115 per month. I called as this was too much. I went from paying $126 monthly for cable, internet and phone to $170 and now you were going to raise it to $195. I had regular cable, nothing extra. My mom and dad also canceled because you kept raising their rates. We both called to try to work with you to try and keep your services but the answer was there was no promotions at this time (you only give promotions to your new customers to suck them in). So on August 31, 2020 I switched to Directv. I turned my boxes and remotes in to the Canal Winchester store on 9/3/20. I was told my bill would now be around $75 per month. I then paid $75 of the August bill, which goes from 8/28 to 9/27 i believe. I then saw that I still had a balance of $200 on my account. i am currently without internet again, so I called for help with that (I have internet outages and problems all the time with Spectrum). They said they would have to send someone out on Sunday, today is Thursday. I have to go without internet for 3 days again. I have gone without internet for 3-4 days for weeks in a row with your company. Anyway, I asked to speak to billing to discuss my outstanding bill. I explained to her that I turned everything in and canceled on 9/3/20. She said she saw that. So I started to tell her that I should have been billed for 8/27 or 8/28 through 9/3/20. That is when she started telling me they don't prorate. I told her I have never heard of such a thing as to charge someone for service they never received and no longer had, she just kept telling me that you do not prorate. I told her I would not pay this, that I dont believe it is legal, that I saw nothing in writing to this affect, that I was not told this by the person when I turned in the equipment and that I don't think the PUCO would allow this, and she just kept telling me the same thing. I told her I would not pay this and that I was contacting the PUCO and anyone else who would listen. I did file a complaint with the PUCO, The BBB, The FCC and will tell whoever will listen what kind of practices you engage in. I will let everyone I can know not to switch to you as you price gouge, have terrible service (our cable/internet was out 65% of the time recently) and your practices are unethical. If you really wanted to keep your longtime customers, you would treat them better.

Nikki Stacy

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