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Dear Mr. Rutledge, I have had Charter for my television (and internet later on) from 1988 thru 2011 when I lost my house and then again from 2013 thru this day. I have your internet and cable television currently. I am very upset as my bill has progressively gone up and up for the last 2 years and I didn't complain. Last month, I had reached my breaking point of affordibility and called to see how to cut my bill down as my husband and I are both senior citizens now and our disposable income is not that great. So, I called and spoke with several of Charter's customer service reps. and then to one of your supervisors. I was first told that Charter could lower my bill from $155.90 to $115.98 ( total including taxes, etc.) which I was very very very happy with. I wanted to pay my bill and called back because I pay my bill online and your website didn't show the lower amount even though I was told it would indicate $115.98 owed. The next person I spoke to said my total would be $118.97. I asked to speak to someone else and then that person said $125.97. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and when he called me back he told me $140.92 was my new total. Even though I was not happy about it, I paid the $140.92 last month because I am not a person not to pay my bills. Now this month my bill has arrived and it is now $154.41. I just called and spoke with a customer service rep. who says that the price that all of your prior reps quoted me was based on upgrading to a new modem. When I spoke with all of your representatives last month, not one of them mentioned to me that I was required to have a new modem to get the lowered prices. To make a long story short, I am now so very disappointed in Charter and your service representatives. I am always a very polite person but I actually had to hang up on the young girl I was speaking to today because I was so furious. I don't understand how I can have 5 different prices given to me as a total bill last month and then get another total on this month's bill and then have a Charter rep. tell me today that my pricing quotes were all based on me acquiring a new modem which was never even talked about with me. Like I told you in my first paragraph, we have been faithful Charter customers for over 29 years or so. We even had cable prior to that time when there were no commercials and that was the sales pitch for cable t.v..,,,,commercial free television. Now that we are senior citizens we didn't quite expect to be treated this way and to feel completely taken advantage of by a big corporation. I hope you can help me find a way to keep using your company by helping me lower my bill and straighten this all out. Thank you in advance for listening to me. I do appreciate your time very much.

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