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Dear Mr. Rutledge,
I truly do appreciate your previous attention to this matter but there has been some additional concerns. Last month I was granted an extension because of medical issues and required to send in documents for both my mother's account and also my wife's. On the 14th, of this month I honored that agreement but when I went to make the payment I received a telephone recording saying that our services would terminated immediately. I was told that I have until the 27th to make a minimum payment for the total of $370 for both accounts and I have no issue with that, however the 28th is Thanksgiving and no financial institution will be opened therefore delaying direct deposits. I have been loyal customer since 2001( Time Warner), and I would like to continue this arrangement but there are several factors of which I am sure you were not aware. (1) When I agreed to the cable package being offered I was told that I would receive 200 channels of service. At no time was I told that some of them would be duplicate channels for the purpose of HD capability and what's more all TV's since 2000 have had this capability so to be offered 200 channels when 65% of them are duplicates of others is a complete sham. (2) For the past two years, I have been told by multiple employee(s) of yours that in order to receive a medical extension I would have to turn over some type of medical information . Fortunately I spoke to a very knowledgeable employee of yours who researched and confirmed that in New York State and Maine there is no such thing as being required to provide medical documentation. I know this has some truth especially since I work in the administrative portion of the health field and know for a fact that any request for any HIPPA (Health Information Privacy Protection Act) has to be made by a medical professional. This is not my own opinion but a fact that even I can't undo. I would like to rectify this matter and discuss being repaid for those years of fraudulent service before consulting an attorney. I cab be reached at 646-320-6812 Day or Night


Quintin Drakeford

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