@CharterNewsroom – Thomas Rutledge – Dear Mr. Thomas M. Rutledge, I'm contacting you today because I am at my wits

Kathy Blythe sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

Dear Mr. Thomas M. Rutledge,

I'm contacting you today because I am at my wits end with regards to the so-called digital system upgrade that had been forced upon us. I'm specifically talking about the required Spectrum black cable box along with the universal TV cable remote that is needed in order to receive a picture on the TV.

I knew at the time of the so-called upgrade that this was going to be a major problem for my elderly step-father. I knew he would NOT be able to remember how to change the channel using the universal remote that goes with the Spectrum black cable box.

The problem is that my elderly step-father keeps changing the channel using his TV remote when he should be using the Spectrum universal remote. Thus he keeps calling Spectrum non-stop to have a tech come out to fix his ongoing error.

I cannot tell you how many times I have fixed this error for him. However, right after I fix his error, I can walk out of the room and not five minutes later he is changing the channel using his TV remote again. (Sigh)

Frankly, I cannot even fathom the cost of sending out a repair tech non-stop just to fix the same simple error over and over again?! Seriously, the fuel cost and waste of time for your employees has got to have a negative impact on your corporation and the planet as well. What's even more important is that this upgrade has created a dignity nightmare for him as well. I'm also sure that other elderly people are struggling with this very same issue as I've described as well. (Sigh)

Lastly, I don't even know why I'm bothering to tell you about this ongoing equipment upgrade nightmare? After all, the only way this problem can be resolved is by allowing my elderly step-father to using his TV remote, end of story. Note: I did get the special large button universal remote from the get-go but that's never been the problem! Its his memory!

Btw- If you do come up with a solution, I will seriously fall off my chair! On the other hand, for as many times as my elderly step-father calls Spectrum to 'fix' his TV, you may as well hire a dedicated Spectrum tech to live in a trailer behind our house. It's like Spectrum Groundhog day!

Kathy Blythe

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