@CharterNewsroom – Thomas Rutledge – Dear Mr. Thomas Rudtledge, The customer service that has been provided to me by Deanna

terri shaw sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

Dear Mr. Thomas Rudtledge,
The customer service that has been provided to me by Deanna Nuccetelli was horrible.
It just made the previous internet and tv services I had with you worse. That is why I e-mailed you and asked from someone at an executive level to speak with me.
Deanna confirmed that when I called Spectrum tech support did not handle the phone call correctly. Being transferred by tech support to tv to internet and back and forth, was not necessary.
This was also confirmed by the tech that came out to the house.

Also with the tech that came out on May 7th who turned it over the ticket to maintenance.
Maintenance not do his job correctly resulting in me having to call in several more times, not to mention having another tech come out the the house May 14th.
Resulting more time off work.

In regards to the billing I am being charged according to Deanna $$129.18 per month for tv and cable.
First Deanna stated she could credit me $73.60, calls back and offers $63.60, then $89.36. One huge game!
This is how your customers are being treated, Mr Rutledge!

In regards to pricing I am a Time Warner customer and as told that my $129.18 price would go up by the end of the year to $204.40
I have 70 channels and 30 mq. In Oct my price goes up to $53.74, then further from there.

Currently you have advertised which I was considering for $119.97 called a Triple Play Silver.
Deanna will not honor that pricing. After 2 days loss of work and hours upon hours on the phone with tech support, mistakes on your part by customer service, reps out to the house and and maintenance, you do not respect or care to keep me as a customer.

I have no interest in dealing with Deanna again. If you would like to keep me as a customer, and not waste any more of my time,
please have someone from the executive level call me.
I would be interested in considering like I mentioned the Triple Play Silver for $119.97 per month.

If not you have lost me as a customer.
There are other companies out there who will not make errors, which will reflected interrupted services, which I experienced.

Sincerely yours,

Terri Shaw

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