@CharterNewsroom – Thomas Rutledge – For a month now, if a Charter person calls my AT&T home line, and I

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For a month now, if a Charter person calls my AT&T home line, and I do not answer, it will not go to voice mail and they get a message saying "The # dialed has not been recognized". I called AT&T, and spoke with them & they said it is a Porting Issue with Charter & AT&T. They said they cannot do anything because I can make calls to them & Leave messages. So both parties who told me they are having this problem when calling my home line, called Charter. My sister got a rep, who said At&T is being lazy and should do their job, as it is their problem. Never did she have my sister try to call while she was on to see what was happening? The other friend said her customer service representative did stay on and called my number several times and heard what it was doing, not letting it go to my voice mail, and she was going to send it to a special department to look into. I am taking care of a person that is sick, and don't always get to my calls, and would like for them to be able to reach my voice mail. Well, guess I'm stuck in the middle and not getting this problem solved. So sad that no one seems to want to resolve this issue, which sounds like a Porting Issue between Charter and AT&T. There is a glich somewhere. Hopefully we can get this resolved.

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