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Alice Spencer sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

Good afternoon sir -

I am reaching out as an attempt to notify you of the poor way that your team assists customers. I called to see if I could lower my bill because I could not afford it due to resigning from my employment. I called earlier and was told I could not do anything until the account converted - which I have learned was a ploy to ensure you got a full month of service fees from me. When I was finally billed - I called to see if I could lower the bill. I was told at that time (6/29) there was nothing they could do. The only resolution offered was to cancel my service, which I did on the 29th of June.
The rep cancelled my service on the 29th of June, but your company continued to bill me through the 17th of July. I reached out to see what I could do once I realized the account was only cancelled on the service side - not the billing side... One supervisor left me a message simply stating that she was sorry I did not understand your billing policy and my bill was valid. I could call back if I had any questions.
So I did - and when I asked if I could use the service I was paying for - the response was that I would need to sign up for new service. Several calls later and after hours on the phone, a young man named Vev offered to help me with the bill and told me I would only have to pay $300 (granted - I could not afford the 211 which was my original call....but explained if it would get me done with Spectrum...I would find a way.
I returned the equipment the next day - another rude experience and the same day I received a bill for dated June 30 (17 days BEFORE my service billing ended) for $711+
It appears that the equipment has been removed and today my balance is still close to the $400 mark. I do not mind paying for a service that I used, but I was 9 days into the cycle....someone should have said something since I was really only looking for a way to reduce my bill to get through this COVID situation.
A Supervisor today told me I should have read my bill and CSRs are not required to tell customers that they will continue to be billed even AFTER you cut their service off.
Sir - not only was I lied to when I took a job recently at Spectrum (regarding pay, scheduling, flexibility, commission, and incentives) all of which Management is fully aware, which assisted my choice to leave your organization...- but your organization continues to show they have no concerns for their customers or their employees. It turns my stomach to think I looked people in the eye and told them Spectrum was an amazing company and NOTHING like the old Time Warner - I actually think it is worse.

I do not feel that asking to use the service I am being charged for is asking too much. Based on the financial concerns of my initial call - this should have been more than evident that I was just looking for a solution not a greater impact.
Thank you for letting me vent - I thought you MIGHT want to be aware of how your staff values their customers. I will make sure my friends, family, and coworkers know.....

PS - When I signed back up for service there was a router that I was billed for on my previous account. I NEVER used a Spectrum or TimeWarner router and was told "I don't understand this, it shows it was recently added back to your account."

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