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Good evening,
I am writing since I have tried to contavt your company and with no luck they are not providing me the information Ia m requesting. We had moved from our last place on 11/01/2019. and my billing cycle is from 10/21/2019 to 11/21/2019. I do not feel it is fair that I had pay ahead to my complex for the moth of November and when I called to have my billing corrected they advised me that this can not be done. I will have to pay for a service I did not use. I do not mind paying for my services from 10/21/2019 till 11/01/2019. but it is very unprofessional that a company like yours does not have consideration for a customer and only care about their own interest. In order for me to move to my complex I had to pay ahead for the entire month of service and now I have to pay on top of everything for a service I did not use. I request to speak with a supervisor and all he would tell me was that it can not be possible. are you aware that is called stealing and that is not something a company with principles and values does. It makes me feel ashamed of a company so big like this that the values, integrity and principles are not considered nor that the level of professionalism can provided a good service. It is shameful that a company can not provide a trust worthy service to a customer and even to prove that they are a company that care for their customers and not by greed. A company with morals, values and integrity will work and provided their customers a service that they would be grateful or even glad that they have a company that cares. I am so ashamed to say who my cable provider is. I us to hear my friend telling me how awful the service was and I always told them that I had never had any issues. I was so wrong. I know that on my next community meeting I know exactly what I will be addressing so futures residents don't have to go thru this. and I will go knock door by door to have the entire community request to have our cable provider change. I am a very honest person and I value a honest company and most the integrity they have. and yes I will show all the residents my bill along with the lease where it shows where I pay for the month as well. Even If I have to contact the local news I will. since it is not fair.
Thank you for your time

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