@CharterNewsroom – Thomas Rutledge – Hello, I am a kindergarten teacher in Glens Falls, New York. I am writing to

Jill Diamond sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

Hello, I am a kindergarten teacher in Glens Falls, New York. I am writing to advocate for my students and ask fro your help. I have students whose families are disconnecting with internet because they can no longer afford it. I can, in turn, no longer teach these students remotely. Many of these students are the "at risk" students whom I need to be able to connect with. It was gracious of you and I thank you for offering 60 days free service to new subscribers with children, Unfortunately, this does not help the existing, customers. I am asking you to consider that if you could offer just 1 month free to the existing customers, it would pretty much get them through to the end of the school year at this point. I know that is a lot to ask, but these are our children and these are desperate times. I also think that if new customers are getting a break, it would be nice to offer a break to existing customers. This would be an opportunity to do a great service to the community, would probably be good marketing and maybe you could consider it a donation for tax break purposes. I appreciate any consideration you could give to this matter. What prompted me to write to you is that I spoke with a family yesterday that I had lost teaching contact with. When I called to inquire, they told me that they just can't afford it anymore. This is a student who is struggling in school and needs much support. I know there are many others like him in our district and in this area. I would be happy to talk to you personally. I can be reached at (518)696-5730, at my home number. I was unable to find a direct phone number for you. Thank you again, Jill Diamond, Kindergarten Teacher, Big Cross Street School, Glens Falls, New York

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